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Post  Lt.Brandon on Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:15 am

Nexus - War of The Damned is a mod taking place around 20 years after the game "Nexus: The Jupiter Incident" ended. Currently I am the only one working on it, and work has been slow. If anyone is willing to help me make this mod then please PM Lt.Brandon with what you can/will do. Information on the current features and story below.

Story and Information about important ships

A group of Rebels, Pirates, and Dissidents battle their way into a military research facility where a new ship is being built. They managed to capture the ship and undock from the station. However before they can jump to subspace they are captured by the military. Then after a while, and many failures, they finally find a way to escape, and return to their waiting fleet. However when they rejoin their fleet and try to leave the system through one of the wormholes they are ambushed by many military ships, but a fleet allied with the pirates jumps in and lends a hand allowing them to escape... for now...

The name of the ship they captured was "Coron", and it possesses technology salvaged from the wrecks of the "White" ships destroyed near Pluto. The technology included the "Rift Drive", which allowed a wormhole to be opened for a short amount of time, Improved laser technology, Shield penetrating "Crack Guns", and Advanced Shield technology. All of the research and development of the technology on this ship took nearly 19 years, for the next year they were building the hull and fitting the new technologies.

I will be adding more to this section as the mod is developed.

Planed/added Features

Note: most of the listed features are not yet in the current release, but are going to be added in over the next few releases.

Custom Ship Models
Custom Weapon, Engine Effects
Multiplayer Cooperative missions, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch
Singleplayer Campaign
Custom Weapons Including

-Automatically firing Anti-Shield and Anti-Hull weapons
-New Lasers, Plasma cannons, Flak, and Fighters, Gunships, and Bombers
-Fighter Missiles, Bomber Plasma Weapons, New Flak for all fighters

Custom Devices Including

Advanced Targeting System
Advanced targeting computer system, equipped with the latest Electronic Counter Counter Measure devices. Decreases the effectiveness of the hostile Targeting systems, ECM and makes the target easier to hit.
Cataclysm Reactor
high performance Antimatter reactor, that powers all systems. Generates enough power to force the designers to add a smaller version of the pulse cells used on all ships so that it will not overload due to the massive amounts of power being generated.
Doombringer Weapon Generator
Doombringer Weapons Generator, Designed 5 years after the Mechaniods were destroyed. Currently it is the most advanced weapon generator known, capable of charging up to 3 siege lasers while firing all other weapons.
Pulse Cell
High-capacity energy storage cell.It can provide additional energy to operate the individual systems of the ship. Improved version of Vardrag Cells allowing it to hold enough power to run the ship for 2 hours should all generators fail.
Fusion cell
High-capacity energy storage cell.It can provide additional energy to operate the individual systems of the ship.
And many more

I am going to leave this as it is for a while and add more Information when the next version comes out.

Note: I just copy pasted this from moddb I will make it better soon.


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