Ship Weaknesses

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Ship Weaknesses

Post  Lt.Brandon on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:09 am

Hey guys, I'm going to list a few weaknesses of the ships today, but I won't list them all Smile Your all welcome to post here with any weaknesses you've found.

While most ships don't yet have anti-device weaponry this ship does, and guess what, the main weakness of this ship is it's devices. The devices this ship uses are powerful, but when hit by an anti-device weapon they will go down pretty fast. Now I'll throw this out to anyone that hasn't noticed, pretty much all the ship weapons do damage to devices in this mod. So really you can hit it with just about anything, but I personally prefer to use Missiles, EM Bombs, and E-Torps(Energy Torpedo's) because they take down shields fast, do decent hull damage, and most of all deal a bunch of device damage.

Smaller ships using the Civilian Shield:
Now, these ships normally are pretty hard to hit, and because of that they are setup with very weak defense shields and low hp. These shields have a very low capacity, and worst penetration rating of all the shields, in other words most weapons will either go through the shield or take it down very fast.

I'm going to stop here for a bit, I encourage you guys to add to this list yourselves. I intend to add a few more, but they will by no means cover all the ships in the mod What a Face


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